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Freeclaimed Wood - A Bounty of Treasure

Each of our paintings at Linda Fehlen Gallery are unique!  Each painting is hand painted and our favorite pieces are painted on reclaimed wood!

In order to paint on reclaimed wood, you have to find it!  Often times, it is as easy as spotting an empty pallet out behind a local business or building discards by the road.  This time, however, we found out about a fence being replaced around an entire back yard.  The only trick to the situation was that they were around a yard in Ohio!  

We were able to speak with the owners and they graciously agreed to set aside the fence panels for us, so that we could have someone pick them up and hold them for us until we were able to make the trip out to collect the wood!  Of course, we are always happy to get to make a trip to Ohio, since our son and family are there.  Any excuse to see my sweet little granddaughter!

After gathering piles of fence panels, the day came when we set to work to disassemble and cut all the wood into useable boards!  Our crew of our sons and a few friends spent the better part of a Saturday with the saws running, wood chips flying, and maybe a splinter or two!  Mission accomplished!  What a blessing to have a new supply of wood to use for many sizes of paintings and signs!

As we are beginning this new year, it is exciting to look forward to the many new paintings and designs that will be created for so many people!  It is a joy, and my greatest desire to create designs that will bring joy and warmth to people as they look at one of our paintings.  So exciting to see them purchased as for a gift for a wedding or anniversary or an addition to home decor.  

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  • Dalia V Cintròn on

    Hi! I live in Puerto Rico and I just LOVE your paintings! They are so unique and full of love! If you make any more of the vertical ones with a family of four on a branch tree with the heart, I would love to order one! Please let me know.
    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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